Enhancing my Gaming Community with Python

The gaming community (Vice Gamers) that I started almost 7 years ago has been consistently growing. We now have the community separated by gaming platform. The Xbox Gamers, Playstation Gamers etc... they all have separate discord servers in which they congregate. I figured, why not build a few discord bots that cater specifically to my group?

We used to have a dedicated forum system, but that became useless, as nobody wanted log into it anymore. The existing members completely quit using it and new members felt that it was a hassle register for a message board.

However, almost all members were avid reddit users. So I decided to make a bot that integrated w/ our official subreddit that I made over 5 years go.


I used the discord and reddit API's to come up with this one. It look at the our r/ViceGamers subreddit for new posts. It grabs the flair text from the post (which is required in order to post) and posts a link to it in the appropriate discord server(s).

For example, this post I made for Nintendo: Screen_Shot_2020-03-17_at_1.53.57_PM.png Screen_Shot_2020-03-17_at_2.00.12_PM.png

Because of the 'Nintendo' Flair that I choose, it ends up on the Nintendo Server


I also created a flair called 'ALL' and that is used to broadcast reddit submission to all servers.

The next one I made was a bot called Flamingo

The purpose of this bot is to allow members to relay messages to each other across the different servers in the network of servers. I cannot wait to add more functionality to it.

Flamingo0 works by using simple commands. The format is !messageTo[Platform] your message here. So if you wanted to send a message to the xbox sever from this server, you would type the following command: > !messageToXbox we are the Playstation group, but we don't Play! -_-

The members on xbox group would see something like this:

The Playstation VICE groups says: we are the Playstation group, but we don't Play! -_-

Example: Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 4.18.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 4.18.53 PM.png

This last script I wrote for the day, it doesn't do much. It's really just for me. When you manage four active discord servers, it can become time consuming trying to actively monitor chat for all of them. 4 servers, each with about 15-20 different channels. That's a lot to monitor.

Thankfully, the discord API makes this VERY easy to overcome. This bot looks at all discord servers containing the name 'VICE' and monitors all activity in those servers.

Here is a snippet of what it looks like on my end when monitoring all of the chatter. ( I made it pretty and color coded the text to easily identify which server the text is coming from)


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