A Blast from the Past

Sometimes, I think it's good to to look back so that you can appreciate how far you've come. In this blog post, I will be sharing some of my very early designs from when I was a teenager.

Here is the first one. This is actually my first attempt at creating a website. Big-Notchs-Web-Layout-copy.jpg Next was my second redesign for BigNotch.com. This one took me weeks because I was just learning html4 and css2. And then I had to start learning Adobe Flash and Action Script 2 in order to create some snazzy animations to make it stand out. BigNotch_2008.jpg http://mrhoward.net/oldsites/bignotch

Back in the MySpace days, I became pretty good at the "DIV Overlay" themes that you would see on profiles all over the site. I took it a step further with an ALL FLASH layout. (I miss flash)

Flash_2007.jpg http://mrhoward.net/oldsites/oldflash/

Stepping away from Flash, Several years ago I created this website for a college course in which were were assigned to create a website about ourselves. Of course, I aced the project and the class. It eventually became a personal website that I actually used often.

Itsnotch_2009.jpg http://www.mrhoward.net/oldsites/itsnotch

And of course I decided to resign it to use more relevant web standards and give the UI a more modern look. itsnotch_concept.jpg

This article is my oldest. It is 207 words long