Hey, I'm Josh!

Joshua Howard

I'm a Full-Time Programmer during the day and a self-taught Web Developer with a passion for problem solving. I started off as a musician in my hometown of New Orleans who needed a website to market myself. I locked myself in a room for a month to develop my own website and haven't stopped devloping things since.

Texas Tech

I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in Applied Arts & Sciences.

A Few Courses I've taken:

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Data Structures
  • Web Design Foundations
  • Concepts of Programming Languages
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Visual Communications


Front-End Web Developer

International Business Machines

As a Front-End Developer with LifeBridge Health, I am responsible for devloping and maintaining front-end website interfaces for Business-To-Consumer relations using a combination of Frameworks that utilize web languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and ASP.net.

Software IT Developer


As a Developer with Alight Solutions, I was responsible for developing algorithms for complex business logic and automating solutions using technologies such as Java and SQL to implement them.

IT Support Specialist

International Business Machines

Working here, I resolved technical issues for the department via phone support and in-person. I developed training material and procedures for proper software usage. I also worked with active directory, deployment servers, and developed a scripts to back up Mac computers to remote servers on campus.

Lead Web Developer


As the Lead Web Developer for this organization, I was responsible for the front-end of the organization website and how users interacted with the UI. I also participated in some of the back-end development.

Associate Application Developer


As the Associate Application Developer for this organization, I was responsible for debugging application code within IDE's such as: xCode, Visual Studio, and Eclipse. I also participated in some of the development of iOS software using Swift.

Treehouse Techdegree

- Front End Web Development

- Python Development

Google Certifications

What I Know

Wordpress Development
iOS Development
Version Control
Unix & Linux shell
Adobe Photoshop

Web Projects

Web By Howard LLC

This business that I started up is a work in progress. As of now, it is a product-based business and will provide scripts and small application tools.

Vice Gamers

This little project of mine started off as a place for me and a few gaming friend to hangout. Now, it has evolved into a thriving 2000+ member gaming community. The community focus is on diversity, tolerance, and acceptance. (everybody is welcome)

Todays Beats

One of the best places for up and coming music producers to learn the craft from an expert in the music industry. I built this website is using Wordpress as the CMS and a nice little parallax effect for the main header.

Beats by Big Notch

This was one of the first websites I created. The theme is created completely from scratch and it has seen several re-designs. It uses Wordpress for back-end management. The header images on every page changes depending on whether it's day or night.

Funny By Notch

A Grand Theft Auto inspired tumblr theme I designed several years ago. It uses javascript to switch the CSS stylesheet depending on which time of day it is. There is a theme inspired by each game in the series. Currently, it serves as a funny picture blog.

Smaller Projects

ΑΚΨ (Texas Tech)

While in college I decided to take on the role as Web Master for my business fratenity. I built the webpage using HTML5 and CSS3.

AITP (Texas Tech)

As the Lead Web developer of the organization, I redesigned the front end website for the organization. Eventually, I convinced them to switch from Joomla CMS to Wordpress.

Feel free to email me! josh@mrhoward.net